Import Transaction Using Excel File

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Million Accounting
Import Data using Excel File

This topic shows user how import data from other software into Million Accounting using Excel file. User able to import knock off bill with condition one payment knock off one invoice. Other condition such as for one payment knock off multiple invoices are not suitable under this scenario.

Ensure that import database contain all the master data in the excel file such as GL Accounts, Debtor/Creditors account, Tax Codes and batch no.

This function only available for the patch file after JUN 2019.

Below are the overall content for this topic:

Step 1: Generate Excel Template

Step 2: Enter transaction in Excel File

Step 3: Import Transaction

Step 4: Data Checking

Step 1: Generate Excel templete

1. Go to System > Administrative Tools

2. Click on Import/Export Data

3. Click on Table Structure of xgl.dbf

4. Click Generate xgl.csv

5. Select the directory/location to save the excel template

6. Click Select

7. Click OK

8. Go to the saved location select xgl.csv file to open the file

Step 2: Enter transaction in Excel File

Table 1: Excel sample for sales invoice, purchase invoice and bank

1. In excel template, fill in the transaction according to Table 1

NOTES: Ensure refno is unique and no duplication in following transaction

2. Save the xgl.csv file accordingly

Step 3: Import Transaction

1. Go to System > Administrative Tools

2. Click on Import/Export Data

3. Click on Import Accounting Transaction

4. Click on Load File

5. Click OK

6. Select the xgl.scv file which contained import transaction.

7. Click OK

8. System loaded the transaction and displayed under GL tab

9. Click on Exceptional Log Tab to check it is empty

10. If there is not problem, click on Import

11. Enter From Date To Date and ensure Tick option Import Knock Off Bills

12. Click OK

13. Click Yes and follow system instruction

Step 4: Data Checking

GL Transaction

1. Go to General > GL Transaction

2. Select Batch No. and check the imported transaction

Check Debtor/Creditor Knock Off Bill

1. Go to Debtor > Knock Off Bill

2. Select debtor a/c and click Edit

3. System imported the payment transaction and is under knock off status

4. Click Edit

5. Check the payment has knock off the correct invoice

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