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Why Partner with SL Software Solutions?

  • Earn with Our Referral Program

    Just recommend clients to SL Software Solutions, and if they buy, you'll get referral commissions. It's a win-win situation for both you and your clients.

  • Comprehensive Product Knowledge

    As an authorized Million software dealer, we will give you the necessary training and knowledge to effectively advertise and assist with the software. This way, you can offer great service to your clients.

  • Unlock a Thriving Market

    Partner with SL Software Solutions and become part of a growing market where many businesses are looking for reliable accounting software.

  • Dealer Program for Resellers

    You can sell Million licenses and solutions directly to clients. As an authorized Million Software dealer, you'll benefit from fair pricing, sales support, and access to marketing tools to help your success.

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Terms and Conditions*

In order to qualify for SL Software Solutions Referral Scheme, the following terms will apply:

We expect our referral partners to have a solid understanding of Million software and its key features. Don’t worry; we’ll provide training and resources to enhance your product knowledge.

To earn referral commissions, you’ll need to refer potential clients to SL Software Solutions. These referrals should be new clients who haven’t previously engaged with us.

Referral commissions will be paid based on a predetermined percentage of the referred client’s purchase value. The exact commission structure will be communicated to you when you join the referral program.

Properly tracking referrals is very important. When you refer a client, provide their contact details to us so that we can attribute the referral to you

We’ll provide ongoing support, training, and marketing materials to assist you in promoting Million software effectively.

Referral partners must adhere to SL Software Solutions’ policies, including those related to data protection, privacy, and confidentiality.

Maintain ethical conduct and professionalism in all interactions with clients and prospects. Your representation of SL Software Solutions should align with our brand values and quality standards.