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Or Taiping, Perak - Exciting Opportunities

SL Software Solutions

Why Choose SL Software Solutions ?

Job Vacancy Postings

You’ll play a key role in promoting job vacancies at SL Software Solutions. Responsible for creating compelling job postings that attract qualified candidates and help us build a talented and dynamic team.

Creative Video Editing Opportunities

Join our marketing team to unleash your video editing creativity. Collaborate with IT support to craft engaging videos showcasing our software solutions, enhancing our brand, and captivating our audience.

Diverse Marketing Responsibilities

SL Software Solutions as a marketing staff member for a dynamic role. You'll handle video editing, Facebook content, job postings, and customer leads, gaining diverse marketing skills.

Social Media Management

Boost our online presence at SL Software Solutions by managing our Facebook page. Create interesting posts, run advertising campaigns, and use Facebook tools to strengthen our brand and get new potential customers.

Note: If you’re interested in an exciting marketing job in IPOH, Perak, consider applying to SL Software Solutions today. Join our team and take responsibility for video editing, managing Facebook posts and ads, posting job openings, and following up with potential customers. We appreciate your creative ideas, marketing skills, and commitment to achieving good outcomes. Progress in your marketing career and become a part of our active team at SL Software Solutions.

What The Responsibilities Of Digital Marketing ?

Content Creation

Produce engaging content on our digital platforms, including blog posts, social media updates, infographics, videos, and more. Make sure it resonates with our intended audience and fits perfectly with our company’s message.

Online advertising

Creating and managing online ads on platforms like Google Ads, social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), and other relevant places. This also involves making sure the ads work well and deciding how much money to spend on them.

Analytics & Reporting

Keeping an eye on how well our digital marketing is doing using tools like Google Analytics and social media data. Regularly sharing reports about important things we’re measuring, and using the information we find to make our marketing campaigns work even better.

Email Marketing 

Creating and running email marketing campaigns to build relationships with potential customers, keep in touch with current ones, and share company news or special deals. This includes making interesting emails and keeping track of the people who receive them.

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