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Hide Price Tip in Sales Transaction

This document shows user how to hide the price tips when user enter price in sales invoice. By default, system will show price tips for reference. User need to enable hide price/unit cost information tip function and system will not display any pricing in sales invoice. System only display first selling price in Product Maintenance.

System display price tip (Default)

System hide the price tip

Below are the overall contents for this topic:

Step 1: Enable hide price tip function

Step 2: Admin log out and log into system again

Step 3: Sales invoice has hide the price tip

Step 1: Enable hide price tip function

1. Go to System and select Administrative Tools

2. Select the User Account

3. Click on OK button

4. Select the Admin

5. Click on Access Rights

6. Click on Function on the tabs above

7. Tick the function Hide price/unit cost information tip in Sales Transaction

8. Click on Save button

Step 2: Admin logout and log into system again

1. Click on Logout button

2. A confirmation message will be prompted, click on Yes button

3. Enter the credentials for Admin

4. Click on Login button

Step 3: Sales invoice has hide the price tip

1. Go to Sales and select Invoice

2. Click on Add button

3. Select Body on the above tab

4. Select a Product

5. When cursor is in the Price column, system does not display any price tip

NOTES: By default system will display Selling Price price#1 in Product Maintenance

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