About Million Software

In the vast landscape of business solutions, Million Software emerges as a trailblazer, revolutionizing the way micro to medium-sized companies operate. Established in 2010, Million Software Sdn Bhd has positioned itself as a MSC status company, dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of Malaysian SMEs. This comprehensive exploration delves into the expansive journey of Million Software, its diverse product offerings, key milestones, and why it stands as the preferred choice for businesses seeking innovation and efficiency.

About Million Software

The Products

Million Software offers a suite of products designed to address various business neeeds

  • Stock Control

    Efficiently manage and optimize your inventory with precision and ease.

  • Million Accounting

    A difficult financial process is made simpler by an accounting system that is both smart and intuitive.

  • Cloud-Based POS and HR Solutions

    Embrace the future with cloud-based solutions introduced in 2018, facilitating seamless and flexible business management.

  • Payroll

    Streamline payroll processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

  • POS

    Flexible solutions that improve consumer experiences for retail businesses.

  • Client’s Account (For Legal Firm)

    Tailored for legal entities, providing specialized solutions for compliance and efficiency.

Our Journey Through Innovation

Born out of the need to simplify daily operations for local SMEs, Million Software emerged in 2010 with a mission – to develop business software that is simple, localized, and affordable. The goal was clear: enable even micro-businesses to harness the power of computerized systems with ease.

In 2011, Million Accounting earned approval from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), marking a significant milestone. Recognized as one of the GST-compliant software solutions in Singapore, Million Software began making its mark in the neighboring country, rapidly expanding its user base and gaining market share.

Responding to market demands for streamlined payroll processes, Million Software entered the realm of Human Resources (HR). With a commitment to localization, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness, the first payroll software for Malaysia earned approval from LHDN in 2012. Simultaneously, Million Payroll gained approval from IRAS in Singapore as a compliant payroll software provider.

Recognizing the evolving market landscape, Million Software attained MSC status in 2013. This paved the way for the development of industry-specific solutions, including Million Client’s Account tailored for legal firms.


In response to Malaysia’s introduction of GST, Million Software took proactive steps. By April 2014, Million Software Accounting Version 3 received approval from the Royal Customs Department Malaysia (RCDM) as GST compliant. Acknowledging the need for education in this new era of taxation, Million Software ventured into partnerships with educational institutions to impart theoretical and practical aspects of GST through its compliant software.


Low Cost

Affordable solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes.

User Friendly

Minimal accounting knowledge required for seamless operations.

Stable and Reliable

Powered by SQL Database for enhanced performance.

Support Multi Company

Ideal for businesses managing multiple entities.

No Yearly Subscription

No continuous commitments after purchase.


Compliance with tax regulations for a hassle-free experience.

Companies in the manufacturing, trading, service, and non-profit sectors are among the many industries that Million Software serves.

In essence, Million Software transcends being merely a suite of tools; it is a strategic decision for businesses aiming for operational efficiency, flexibility, and sustained growth. As you contemplate the trajectory of your business, consider Million Software – Your Gateway to Business Empowerment. Unlock the full spectrum of possibilities and chart a course toward excellence with Million Software by your side.